The Good Therapy Centre

A center of psychological assistance, psychotherapeutic and psychiatric treatment.

Marcin Siwek MD, PhD

Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, physician with 16 years of medical practice. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the Jagiellonian University (UJ) Medical College. an assistant professor at the Department of Psychiatry of UJ Medical College and senior assistant at the Adult Psychiatry Department of the Kraków University Hospital. Associated with the Institute of Pharmacology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, educator. He is involved in numerous research projects, including those financed by the State Committee for Scientific Research and EU funds. In 2004-2006 he was a member of the Małopolska Mental Health Council at the Marshal’s Office of the Małopolskie Province. He has conducted nationwide training for psychiatrists, other physicians and employees of the pharmaceutical industry in the field of diagnosis and the therapy of mental disorders.

He is the vice-editor-in-chief of the journal “Medycyna Praktyczna – Psychiatria” (“Practical Medicine – Psychiatry”), and the author and co-author of many scientific papers.

His main professional interests include the pharmacotherapy of mental disorders (particularly treatment-resistant conditions), interactions and adverse effects of drugs, the biological basis of mental disorders, early diagnosis and prevention of mood disorders, issues in the cooperation between the physician and the patient, neuropsychiatry.

His personal interests include contemporary poetry, religious studies, semiotics, history of art, and travelling.

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