The Good Therapy Centre

A center of psychological assistance, psychotherapeutic and psychiatric treatment.

Joanna Borowiecka-Karpiuk MD, PhD

Psychiatrist, psychotherapist. She graduated from the Jagiellonian University (UJ) Medical College. She gained clinical experience at the Department and Clinic of Psychiatry of UJ Medical College, the J. Babiński Specialist Hospital in Kraków, mental health clinics, and in her own specialist psychiatry practice. She completed a Psychotherapy Course at the Department and Clinic of Psychiatry of UJ Medical College certified by the Scientific Section for Psychotherapy of the Polish Psychiatric Association.

She co-authored studies, papers, and scientific presentations on a variety of subjects including treatment-resistant depression and sexual disorders in patients suffering from mood disorders.

Her professional activities include pharmacological treatment, psychoeducation, and psychotherapy of adults with mental disorders and illnesses, and counselling and psychotherapy of people who do not cope effectively with life situations, as well as assisting their personal development.

Her personal interests include adventure tourism, felinology, and science-fiction books.

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