The Good Therapy Centre

A center of psychological assistance, psychotherapeutic and psychiatric treatment.

Anna Starowicz-Filip PhD

PhD in Psychology, neuropsychologist, lecturer at the Institute of Medical Psychology of the Jagiellonian University (UJ) Medical College. She conducts classes in the basic neuropsychology at the UJ Department of Psychology. She works in the Kraków Rehabilitation Centre and at the Neurosurgery Unit of the University Children’s Hospital in Krakow.

The author of scientific papers in the fields of neuropsychology and psychosomatics.

Her clinical activities include neuropsychological diagnosis of adults and children, neuropsychological rehabilitation of people with mental disorders due to organic brain lesions , and cognitive (memory, attention) disorders . She also conducts therapy of speech disorders in aphasia patients.

In her free time, she likes getting together with friends and enjoys good literature, especially Ibero-American.

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