The Good Therapy Centre

A center of psychological assistance, psychotherapeutic and psychiatric treatment.

Nasi specjaliści

Magdalena Cieśluk-ToczekMA

She is the Jagiellonian University psychology graduate. Since 2002 works as a psychoterapist (psychodynamics and systemic psychotherapy). She completed the full course preparing for a psychotherapist’s certificate at the Medical… »

Tomasz DrożdzMA

Psychologist, trainer and coach. Social Skills Trainer recommended and certified by the Polish Psychological Association. Trainer and therapist of RationalBehavioural Therapy and a certified trainer of the Simonton Programme –… »

Katarzyna HołdaMA

Psychotherapist in the course of the certification process,leads therapy inthe psychodynamic mainstream. The graduate of Polish Philology at the University of Silesia and the graduate of Postgraduate Studies in the… »

Teresa Janusmgr

Graduated from the Jagiellonian University in Pedagogy of Social Rehabilitation. SInce 2002 works as a addiction therapist. Completed the School of Psychological Assistance organized by the Institute of Health Sciences… »

Maria KaleńczukMA

Certified specialist in the field of addiction treatment, psychotherapist in psychodynamics domain. Graduate of Rehabilitation Education Department at the University of Wroclaw. Completed the 4-years course of psychotherapy at the… »

Jolanta RyniakMA

She graduated in psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Jagiellonian University. Clinical psychology specialist, psychotherapist of the Polish Psychiatric Association. She is a coach at L’Ecole Européenne de… »